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See what the TMC Labs INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine says in its review about the Super Phone, in the November 2000 Edition.

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Super Technologies Inc, USA
October 05th, 2000:


Commission Junction to Market Super Technologies Services

Super Technologies reported that it has reached an agreement with Commission Junction, the leader in Performance Based Marketing, to market Super Phone, Super Fax, and Virtual Phone Line services via CJ's Affiliate Network.

Commission Junction, offers the performance-based marketing service to over 275,000 content-based web site operators. The web sites that participate in the program will market the services via ad banners and gain commissions based on traffic and sales driven to the Super-phone.com web site.

Super Technologies recently launched VirtualPhoneLine.Com voice over DSL and Cable product, that allows all persons anywhere in the world to start talking over the net without a computer, from their normal phone sets.

The product and service enables the caller to make and receive phone calls over xDSL and over cable internet to normal telephone networks.

The Virtual Phone Line service is available globally as long as there is internet service.

The Super Phone Affiliate program can be joined by anyone, anywhere on earth at http://www.super-phone.com/cj

Super Technologies offer 2 cents Per Visitor, 1$US per inquiry and 10% commission on all sales from any of the affiliates'web sites.

Super Technologies

Super Phone

Virtual Phone Line

Commission Junction

Century, Florida- August 20th, 2000:

SUPER PHONE NEWS RELEASE- CALL TO ANY COUNTRY FREE Call to ANYCOUNTRY IN THE WORLD FREE with Super Phone. People used to ask us how can we call India, Iran, Bangladesh, Philippines and more at a cheaper rates? Then with the arrival of the Web to Phone service and Specially FREE web to phone services, they used to say why can't we call these countries for free, and we couldn't say anything.

It's true that Need is the mother of ALL inventions. Here we are today offering you a product that will enable you to call ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD for FREE. YES 100% free. It's called a SUPER PHONE.

Super Phone is a next generation telephone set that uses the Internet rather then the conventional POTS method to make phone calls. Super Phone enables any one who has a Super Phone to get the best rates available to anyone in the world from the best carriers in the world, rather then being stuck with their conventional long distance carriers.

All you do is put a normal POTS Line (Plain Old Telephone System) to the Super Phone and it will connect itself to the Internet and make your long distance calls over the Internet at our extremely low rates like 2 cents to Hong Kong and 5 cents to USA from ANYWHERE in the world.

Now, what have we done to top this? NOW call ANY Super Phone telephone set, no matter where in the world it may be, FREE. HOW?

Visit out web site www.super-phone.com/callme and call that Super Phone from there.

Or you can use programs like Hotmail/MSN Instant Messenger, or Dialpad, or Delta Three or Net2phone, and they will all make your calls FREE to your destination Super Phone.

If you are in the USA or Canada you can also call a local or our toll free number 1-800-9592541 and you can call any Super Phone anywhere in the world free.

So if you have a loved one, or a friend or a business associate anywhere in the world, there couldn't be a better gift for your self and them than a Super Phone.

Super Technologies - Bringing PEOPLE closer.

For More information visit http://www.super-phone.com
More information on Virtual Phone Line System visit http://www.virtualphoneline.com
Other versatile, cutting edge technology… superfax.com, callkiosk.com, ip-pabx.com

Wednesday, July 26th, 2000:
Super Technologies Incorporated Manufacturer of Super Phone Internet Phone which allows anyone to talk over the Internet free, now supports the receipt of incoming phone calls from any phone in the world for free. The new system called Virtual Phone Line can now be used as an alternate telephone line for anyone anywhere in the world. Anyone who needs a new telephone line doesn't need to apply for it from their phone company but can simply get a new Super Phone off the shelf which comes with a telephone number. Install it to their xDSL, cable, or dedicated internet line.
With this cutting-edge technology, Super Phone becomes the First and Only Internet Telephone available in the market that can replace a conventional telephone line by providing both incoming and out bound calls to and from any telephone line in the world.
  Super Phone Dialup and Broadband users can now be reached by anyone anywhere in the world by calling our Main Inbound Gateway line on 1-206-279-2929. Super Phone users can now also be called FREE from anywhere in the world directly from our web site at http://www.super-phone.com/callme/
  "Super Phone will now provide US 1-800 Numbers for companies who would like to have a US 1-800 number anywhere in the world, or a normal US number for a very small amount monthly where as normally it would cost a fortune to do that over PSTN," says Suzanne Slay International Director for Super Phone. "With this new technology, ANY and all broadband Internet Providers, Cable Companies, DSL Companies no matter where in the world they may be, can transform themselves into Telephone Companies with no investment at their end, as Super Phone enhances their service and now gives one more great application to their internet service."
  For More information visit http://www.super-phone.com/
More information on Virtual Phone Line System visit http://www.virtualphoneline.com/
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